Artist Statement


As a child, I was taken by sound, inspired by rhythm and compelled to make music.  I soon discovered that there is a soundtrack to life,  a universal hum that is present in everything.  I  interpret the tone of a given moment as music.  

I see music.  It has texture. 

Sound is the vibration that creates and sustains worlds. 

This is what drives me.

I believe I was given a gift.  I have worked diligently in my life to honor that gift by study and constant development of the skills needed to more fully realize this gift and mine its treasure.  I have studied voice, musicianship, and writing.  I have worked in the clubs, concert halls and recording studios of America's great cities. I have performed for thousands of people.  I understand the force of music to move people.


I am committed to bringing Joy to the world through music and the creative arts.  I am constantly in awe of this amazing planet we live in, with all of its beauty, fear, and diversity.  There's so much music.  There are so many beings,  from the smallest animal to the greatest, that resonate to that music and bathe in the color, rhythm and emotional tone of this dream we all live in. 

I seek to be a creative force for good in that collective dream. I aim to use my gift to help uplift the planet.


When I sing I try to encompass the emotional tone which the music speaks and convey that mood and tone through musical expression which measurably affects the atmosphere.

When I am writing I am trying to channel pure spirit through skill and technique that is working in the background.

When I am producing an artist, we are trying for the purest expression of the original intent.  How do we get there?  I nurture, elevate or challenge the artist to push their musical boundaries and stay true to themselves.  It seems like a metaphysical process,  but it's really the commitment to raising the level of the art, through intuitive and technical skill, that makes it possible.  It's all about bringing Joy to the world