Brooklyn born, a veteran NYC Studio musician, DJ and live performer,   Seth Thomas Rosenberg started singing at 5 years old in the Catskill mountains in upstate New York.  His uncle was a drummer and his grandmother, who worked for NYC Mayor Ed Koch, used to sing with the band.  She would always wind up doing a set with the band at events they went to,  he says “that’s when I first realized I wanted to be a singer.” 

“My mom who insisted that I take piano lessons at an early age played some folk guitar, and I naturally picked it up and started playing that too”. 

As a kid, Seth would play shows with his band around Brooklyn and was a DJ at Saturday Night Fever’s 2001 Odyssey disco. His mom had to bring him to the shows.  Seth recalls being there with his mom, some guys that could have been in the Sopranos, and boxing promoter Don King.

 Playing thousands of shows, with all kinds of stories,  He’s got a unique and surprisingly wide appeal.  He’s been wasted on the red carpet at Sundance and has played sober at Burning Man.

He’s a guy that is continually searching for new ways to make great music and he loves working in the studio bringing out the best in the artists he works with.

"It's been quite a journey so far, and I'm loving the ride"